Guidance Department

The Guidance Department accepts responsibility for working with students, teachers, administration, and parents to assist the individual student in reaching her highest potential. Our program is designed to develop academic and social independence.

Services provided include:

  • Academic Advisement
  • Course Selection
  • Standardized Testing
    • 9th: PSAT 8/9, 10th: PSAT 10, 11th: PSAT, 11th/12th: SAT/ACT
    • The SAT/ACT are off-site. Registration forms are provided.
  • Study Skills
  • Career Awareness/Interests
  • College Selection and Application Process
  • College Fairs
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • SAT/PSAT Prep Course
  • Summer Programs
  • Peer Mediation
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Personal Counseling

Important College Information

Please use the following college information links to assist your college planning process:

Important Guidance Links and Forms


Contact us

Ms. Vanessa Cooke
Dean of Guidance
Class of 2021 Guidance Counselor
301-864-4532 ext. 7121

Mrs. Mary Clare Roeder
Class of 2020 Guidance Counselor
301-864-4532 ext. 7122

Mrs. Amanda Lawhorne
Class of 2019 Guidance Counselor
301-864-4532 ext. 7123

Mrs. Sylvia Cason '01
Class of 2022 Guidance Counselor
301-864-4532 ext. 7124

Ms. Elise O'Meara '10
School Counselor
301-864-4532 ext. 7209