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Dorothy Rothgeb, Former Seton Athletic Director...

Dorothy initiated two other sports teams for Seton, a track and field team and a swim team. She coached the swim team along with Tom O'Meara, a Seton parent who helped with logistics with the swim team.  Prior to teaching at Seton, Dorothy was a swimming instructor, swim team coach and former synchronized swimming aquanaut, so she was quite excited to start a swim team for Seton, be it a small one at the time.  
The faculty was always supportive of expanding the sport teams and getting more visibility for Seton.  Of all the new activities and teams she developed during her tenure at Seton, nothing excited her as much as coaching the basketball teams. She continues to love women's basketball, being an avid Terps fan. And she continues her sideline coaching, albeit now from the comfort of her home watching the UMD games on television or occasionally in the seats at UMD Comcast Center, a few times each season.   
Dorothy still lives independently and is extremely cognitively sharp.  She attributes her longevity to always having an active lifestyle and being engaged in civic, political and religious volunteer activities. She remained an avid lap swimmer into her 80s and walked at least a mile each day well into her mid 90s. She thinks that people need to keep moving and not be too sedentary.  And.... occasionally have a glass of wine at dinner!