Bayley Program

Students in Seton's Bayley Study Skills program receive enhanced academic support to help compensate for organizational issues or minor learning differences.
Initiated in 1999, Elizabeth Seton's Bayley program endeavors to satisfy the needs of a diverse student population by assisting its members in meeting the challenges inherent in Seton's college preparatory curriculum. Students accepted into this program demonstrate one or more of the following:
  • Diagnosed minor learning differences
  • Organizational weakness
  • Minor language deficiencies
  • Minor math deficiencies
Since the program is not designed to remediate prior academic skills, students must possess sufficient mastery of pre-high school material to keep pace with other members of their class. Acceptance to the program, therefore, is based on the student's demonstrated ability to succeed in a rigorous academic environment given a modified schedule, additional study time, and the support of a resource teacher. Ability level will be evaluated based on prior grades, standardized testing, personal interview, and successful completion of a summer English/Math classes.
Bayley students participate in the same classes as their peers. The curriculum for all students remains college preparatory. However, their schedules to provide the following accommodations during the first two years:
  • Scheduled study hall/study skills class
  • Regular interaction with Seton's resource teacher
  • Delayed entrance into the study of foreign language
The goals of the program are as follows:
  • To determine the individual academic needs of each student
  • To provide a schedule that supports the academic needs of students
  • To develop study skills such as time management, note-taking, reading for content, assimilation of material, and test-taking
  • To build awareness of personal goals, strengths, and strategies
  • To provide enhanced communication among students, teachers, and parents
  • To empower each student to cope with the rigors of her Seton courses in a more independent way through the development of individualized strategies
After a student's first year in the program, an evaluation will be made as to whether the student shall remain in the study skills class for an additional year. After the sophomore year, students will no longer meet with their resource teacher during a scheduled class period, though occasional assistance will remain available.
The Bayley program is provided at no additional cost to its participants. However, some Bayley students are required to complete successfully one or more of Seton's summer preparatory programs. Fees for the instruction and books for these courses are paid by the parents.
Questions about the Bayley program may be addressed to the Program Coordinator, Ms. Rebecca Taylor, at (301) 864-4532 x7346 or via email at