Family Service Program

Elizabeth Seton High School’s Family Service Program is a valuable means of partnering with parents for the benefit of our students. Each person’s gifts and talents add much to our academic programs, our extracurricular activities, our planning, and to the care of our buildings.
Each family is asked to commit a minimum of 10 hours total to one or more of the volunteer activities sponsored by the Parent Organization, the staff of the school, and the alumnae association. Elizabeth Seton uses MobileServe to log student and parent service hours. We understand that not all families are in a position to donate their time, and offer many opportunities for families to donate in-kind items (i.e., food, beverages, paper products, etc.). One service hour is given per $10 spent. In August, each family is charged a total of $130.00 for annual dues and parent service hours. This fee is paid along with the other student fees due in August. Parents may earn back the $100 for service hours upon completion of ten (10) services hours within the school year. To learn about service opportunities during the year, parents should check the weekly Parent Announce for periodical listings.
Procedures for Parent Service Hours


If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Parent Service Hours requirement, please contact our Parent Service Hours Coordinator, Sister Mary Frances Hildenberger.

Parent Service Hours Coordinator

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