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There Are Strength in Numbers

Good evening. I’m Promise Woods, and I am a senior at Elizabeth Seton. A little background on me: I have attended Seton all four years, I am co-president of Vincentian Service Corps, member of the rowing team, and I have participated in 2 of the pre-professional programs Seton has to offer (Pre-Law and Pre-Pharmacy). Contrary to popular belief, I am a senior, not a freshman so I was luckily able to experience Seton pre-Covid. I am very grateful for that and I feel like Seton puts its students on a path to success. Because of that, I have the light to know and grace to navigate a successful junior and senior year during quarantine. Being a junior in high school during the time of isolation was extremely difficult considering the college application process, but Seton was with me every step of the way. Both my Seton sisters, along with staff and administration were able to provide support and encouragement during the pandemic. Along with the rest of the world, we used Google Meet and Zoom as a resource, but as a member of the Seton community that connection runs deeper, being a Seton girl is an experience. They did an excellent job communicating and entrusting the girls to adhere to our core values. Staff was always available to respond to questions, and they were very flexible as we adapted to distance learning. The transition to online learning was fairly smooth, Seton integrated multiple phases as to not overwhelm both the staff and students. Teachers were trained on how to use the technology and were lenient with due dates as we all adjusted. Remote learning is not as intimidating as I thought it would be, especially when compared to stories I hear from my friends at other schools. Seton has done so much to accommodate the students, even before Covid, and the creative ways they have combated quarantine barriers is aweinspring. I am able to take Digital Photography and conduct Pharmacy Labs from home thanks to all the thought and work put in by the staff. The free work days on Wednesdays are really helpful. I use it as an extended study hall to catch up on assignments, work on applications, and connect with my classmates.
I truly love this school. In addition to the pre-professional and STEM programs, what initially drew me to Seton was the sense of community. I felt at home. To this day, I remember the warm and welcoming feeling I felt from both the staff and my fellow prospective students the first time I stepped on campus. What impressed me the most, and still sticks with me to this day is the fact that Mrs. Merlo (then Ms. O’Meara) remembered my name and my face after just 2 Seton events in middle school. Back then I was an eighth grader coming from a K-12 public charter school in D.C. And being only 4’10, I am not usually noticed, but Seton makes a place for everyone no matter your background. This school truly cares about the students whether you are at the top of the class or prefer to fly under the radar. When we were first introduced to distance learning, Seton put Wellness Wednesdays in place to check up on students and keep us occupied. Activities included crafts, yoga, workouts, cooking lessons, and mediation sessions all hosted by our favorite teachers. It was nice to see each other via Zoom and bond with our teachers outside of the classroom. Seton has done an exceptional job of looking out for their students, I know first hand. They will be there to counsel you, provide stress-relief and notify you of resources such as scholarships, application due dates, and academic advising.
Granted, experiences for your daughters will be different considering everything is virtual. But, my inbox is open to your daughters. I would be more than happy to share my personal Instagram account, as well as school accounts, with them so they can see first hand what Seton has to offer. They can get in contact with current students who are active in our community and share the same interests. I am extremely humbled and grateful for the opportunity to have spent the past 4 years at Elizabeth Seton. And, I know it sounds cliche, but Seton really is a family and I can’t wait to welcome your daughters to the Seton Sisterhood. Thank you for your time.