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LEAD Student Engineers Build On A Vision

This was a project initially started by your Learning Engineering and Design (LEAD) Seton Sisters from 2020.  Then the pandemic hit, the project was put on hold, and the Class of 2020 graduated.  What was it like to pick up where they left off and to see the project through to the end?
It was surprisingly very easy for us to pick up where the previous seniors had left off. In my opinion, they did all of the hard research and planning. All we had to do was make sure that their design and vision was carried through with our own little touch on it.
ML: It was an honor being able to work on the project along side my other Seton sisters. We all had a goal to complete that was set by the class before us. It was important to execute this project to the best of our ability so that we could make the cafeteria a high quality experience for the current students as well as future roadrunners. 

What are some of the feelings and emotions that you felt along the way as you worked on the project? JB: 
I felt accomplished. Because of covid, I thought there would be major delays in the entire process. But, with consistent communication, we were able to finish a lot. PV: I felt a great mix of emotions mainly excitement and anxiousness. It was really exciting to be a part of this project and to see it through. I hope that it fulfills the original vision created by the girls from 2020 and that future generations of Seton students will enjoy.

What do you hope the new Dining Hall will bring to the Seton community? ML: 
Personally, I hope the new dining hall will bring a sense of community. I hope that it is a place where people feel welcomed, where they can fellowship, and feel vibrant because of its aesthetic.  JB: I hope the dining hall will bring a stronger sense of school pride and be a space where all students can feel comfortable in a school environment. 

What were some of the challenges you faced along the way? PV:
I would say doing some of the pitch decks in which I spoke to professionals was sometimes a challenge. I had never done them before, so I had to make sure that I spoke clearly and got all my points across. I received feedback after each pitch deck and adjusted my presentation accordingly. I’m grateful for the opportunity because it helped me grow and further develop my presentation skills. ML: It was a challenge to fit this in with my other responsibilities on my schedule. Not only am I a student but I am also an athlete, and the pitch decks were scheduled at the start of practices or in the middle of practices. Often times, I brought my laptop to practice so I could be a part of the pitch deck. 
What were some of your most rewarding experiences?  ML: My most rewarding experience was seeing the sketch of the dining hall on the computer screen come to life.  I felt a sense of completion because we did something meaningful for all the students after us. I am just so happy that I can leave high school and truly feel like I was able to accomplish giving back to others and be remarkable! CY: Other than seeing the dining hall finished in all of its glory, the most rewarding experience for me was choosing the furniture. We had total control over the items that were going into the dining hall. Going to different showrooms was so fun! I can't wait to see the reactions to the new dining hall. JB: The most rewarding experience was working with the contractors on the day we were able to come to school. They gave us great insight as to how they were operating, and that added to my feeling of accomplishment. PV: The most rewarding part was being able to see our plans/sketches come together and become real.
What was your favorite memory? CY:One of my favorite memories was our favorite chair that we paired with the bench lining the window. It was big and very soft, and we never thought it would get approved. I immediately saw it and said, "yea that one; we're getting it," and I didn't allow anyone to argue with my decision. We loved the chair so much that we named it "Jerry", and when Mrs. Horton presented us with the opportunity to put our own name on a chair of our choice, we half-jokingly wanted "Jerry" to have its name on a chair too.  To our surprise and excitement, Mrs. Horton said she could make that happen. PV: My favorite memory was picking out the furniture.  It was part of a bonding moment for our team, and it was also an opportunity to use our voice to make decisions on furniture we knew the Seton students would enjoy.
What are some parting words you have for your young Seton Sisters as you graduate? JB:I would tell my Seton Sisters to not give up when it gets hard. You will see your work pay off, and you will appreciate it more when you are steadfast in your goals.  CY: Don't let life pass you by. Do what makes you happy now because you never know when a pandemic will hit, or when life will take a turn or change. PV: I hope that you all enjoy the cafeteria, as much as we enjoyed working on it. I hope this becomes a space where you can enjoy a meal with your friends, hang out as you wait to go home, or study. I hope that it becomes a space that you are proud to have within our school.  ML: Hello Seton Sisters, I hope this new dining hall is everything you expected. I hope it inspires you to want to help others around you, but most of all, I hope that you enjoy this area that was designed and created just for you.