Seton Scholars Program

Program Description

The Seton Scholars Program is a merit scholarship program designed for academically gifted students who demonstrate high academic achievement, integrity, service to the community and exceptional potential. Once accepted into the program, in addition to placement in academically advanced courses, Scholars enjoy meaningful, shared experiences with faculty and peers through on and off-campus service opportunities, community engagement, exciting field opportunities, targeted college counseling and a culminating educational, international travel capstone. 

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  • Merit Scholarship

    Incoming 9th graders who are accepted into the Scholars Program receive annual tuition awards. Qualified applicants may also be eligible for additional need-based aid. Students who qualify for this merit-based scholarship are notified in their acceptance packet.
  • Orientation

    Seton Scholars participate in a specialized and exciting orientation program at the beginning of their freshman year. This provides students with an opportunity to connect with our staff who will further illuminate the expectations of a Scholar, make new friends in their Scholars peer group, learn about the upcoming Scholars opportunities, and smooth the transition to their academic and extra-curricular high school journey. 
  • Beyond the Seton Experience

    Scholars also have the opportunity to participate in weekend-long educational experiences that highlight the exploration of American History and culture, and the development of women as leaders while also deepening their understanding of the Vincentian charism.
  • Senior Year

    In a Scholar’s Senior year, she will have the opportunity to participate in an international trip that offers her a more global understanding of history, culture, and geography.  This experience is a stepping stone to her college experience wherein she will likely study abroad for at least one semester in college.
  • College Counseling Support

    Seton Scholars receive counseling and mentoring through our Guidance Office beginning in Freshman year, which gradually expands to access to college counseling. Students are provided with access to Naviance, an online database for college and university information, and have the opportunity to participate in guided college visits, connecting them with Seton Alumnae.
  • Program Continued Eligibility Criteria


    Enroll in at least one honors class after consultation with a guidance counselor.

    Maintain GPA of at least a 3.50 for each quarter and receive no one grade lower than a C.

    Maintain a satisfactory attendance and punctuality record.


    Maintain good conduct with no disciplinary referrals.

    Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and manifest school spirit.

    Be a person of integrity.


    10 additional hours to the disadvantaged outside of your grade level requirement.

    Active membership in the Ambassadors Club beginning in Sophomore year.


    Be involved in at least one school activity in addition to membership in the Scholars Program.

    Participate in at least three Scholars Program sponsored activities.
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Requirements for Admission

Elizabeth Seton High School automatically considers the top 10% of our applicant pool, as well as an applicant’s teacher recommendations, grade point average, and HSPT score for this merit-based scholarship program. Students who qualify and are invited to join are notified in their acceptance packet.