The Elizabeth Seton High School Dance Program provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills, coordination, and knowledge of dance through classes within the school’s curriculum.
As part of the class requirements, each student who takes a dance class will perform at the Dance Showcase, giving them an opportunity to understand all aspects of the art form. Within the dance program, the students have choices to learn the basic technique in ballet, modern, jazz, and hip hop based on the class in which they have enrolled.

Within the Seton community, girls are challenged to step outside their comfort zone and are taught to thrive in all situations. They are supported as they discover new territory, new ways of thinking, and new concepts and movements. This program emphasizes the importance of using the body, learning choreography, and retaining terminology while encouraging the students to take risks and challenge their perceived limitations. The Dance Program then takes all this new information and translates it into life skills that apply beyond the classroom.

The possibilities within the arts are endless. And the ESHS Dance Program gives young women the opportunity to engage themselves outside the typical classroom setting by educating them about the arts, their body, and technique. This leads to discussions about what makes for effective dance, critically thinking about what art is, why it is relevant and so vital to our culture at Seton and in the world today. Between igniting new passions, and training those already involved with dance, this program gives the young women of Seton an opportunity to be engaged creatively both in and out of the classroom.