Curriculum & Course Offerings

Elizabeth Seton High School requires students to complete successfully a minimum of 24 credits in order to graduate. During each academic year, students must carry 6.5 or 7 credits. All courses are college-preparatory. Placement into appropriate level courses is made through a coordinated effort that involves the student, her parents, her guidance counselor, and her teacher(s). Incoming freshmen are given placement testing that is used in conjunction with the student's middle school performance profile to ensure appropriate course placement. The following details the school's minimum graduation requirements for each department:

English (4);  Mathematics (4); Religious Studies (4); Science (3); Social Studies (3); World Languages (2); Computer Technology (1); Fine and Performing Arts (1); Physical Education (1); Health (.5).
During their time at Seton, students will complete service hours, with an emphasis on serving those most in need in our communities. Many service opportunities are sponsored by Seton's Campus Ministry Office. Students may also participate in service opportunities, which they have discovered on their own.

AP Course Offerings
Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings provide qualified students with the opportunity to study one or more disciplines at the college level while still attending high school. National exams taken at the conclusion of the school year allow students to earn advanced placement, credit, or both in college. More than half of Seton AP students earn scores of 3, 4, or 5 on these national exams, well exceeding the national average.
Honors Course Offerings
All classes offered at Seton are college preparatory. However, students who demonstrate advanced abilities may enroll in accelerated courses that cover topics in even greater depth and breadth. Incoming freshmen are placed into honors courses based on middle school grades, standardized testing, and placement testing. Current students are recommended for honors level courses based on their grades.

Course Offerings