We are proud of all that is Seton!

The legacy of "Seton Sisters" spans for nearly 60 years. Beginning with our very first graduating class, the Class of 1963, more than 8,000 students have graduated and gone forth to exhibit to the world Seton's "Light to Know and Grace to Do". On the heels of every graduating class comes a fresh class of young women who are eager to learn and grow in the way that their alumnae sisters did during their time at Seton. Our young Seton sisters thrive and become motivated when they see the support of their Big Sisters and Alumnae.

We invite each of you to please feel free to come home to Seton! Come see your past teachers, come see the “old stomping grounds”, come see the new developments and additions to our school. A visit from an alumna is always welcome!

Get involved! We have a very active Alumnae Association who meets on the second Tuesday of each month. They plan and coordinate various alumnae activities that appeal to all ages and interests in our alumnae community.

Support an initiative! Seton has so much to offer our young women in today’s very modern world. And we could not continue to educate our young women without your support. Alumnae/Class contributions, internships, panel speakers, mentors, volunteers are just a few ways to show your support.

As an alumna of Elizabeth Seton High School, you serve as the backbone of our community. Like a big sister, you are the inspiration for student aspirations in the future. We invite you to discover the ways in which Seton continues to change with the times - and yet still maintains the culture of family that we have all grown to love.

Erica Corbin Boursiquot '00, Director of Alumnae Relations

301-864-4532 ext 7171

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