Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry Department at Elizabeth Seton collaborates with the Religion Department and the Administration to facilitate the spiritual growth of the students. Campus Ministry organizes retreats, coordinates school liturgies and prayer, oversees the Service Learning Program, and offers numerous service projects. Campus Ministry leads students to actively embrace prayer, reflection, and service in the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul.

Service Learning Program

In the spirit of Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Vincent de Paul, ESHS students complete service hours each year to those in need. Service hours are recorded and become part of the student's religion grade. The Service Learning Team offers guidance and suggestions for service, in addition to organizing diverse opportunities for students to serve at local non-profit agencies. Seton students serve at organizations such as S.O.M.E., St Ann's Infant and Maternity Center, the Father McKenna Center, and Special Olympics with both ongoing weekly and one-time project or event commitments.

Weekly school service opportunities include:

  • Visiting Shepard's Cove women's shelter
  • Tutoring at Rogers Heights elementary school
  • Visiting Sacred Heart Nursing Home
  • Making sandwiches for S.O.M.E. after school
  • Helping at Eco City Farms

The Service Learning Coordinator is Mrs. Laura Tarnosky, who can be reached at 301-864-4532 x7127 or

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Service at Seton has allowed me to grow spiritually and mentally closer to God, and myself. Service itself has a meaning other than simply handing food to the hungry. I feel service when I get to voluntarily do something to help someone else in need. I always see our Seton girls work with qualities that are so pure and truly a beautiful sight to see. Everyone here strives to do their best and work hard for others." - Katrina Choong '15

Retreat Program

Each class year has a retreat designed to enrich their personal and spiritual growth. From Freshmen meeting their new classmates, teachers, and big sisters to Seniors reflecting on their time at Seton, where they are going, and the role of God in their lives, each student is given the opportunity to grow and consider their path as an individual and as part of their class.

Seton Encounter is an optional Christian experience of prayer and reflection run by a team of adults and students, similar to the Kairos Retreat offered at many high schools. Although it's a Catholic retreat, it has been attended by many Christians and non-Christians with equally wonderful results. Retreatants develop their relationship with God, their classmates, and themselves through a series of talks, small group discussions, group reactions, liturgies, and reconciliation.

Student Testimonials

Please enjoy the following student testimonials about our Campus Ministry Program and the students' involvement with our outstanding program:

“…Going to the Romero Center was one of the best experiences of my life. Having already graduated from Seton and going on this trip made me appreciate the good Seton instills into their girls. It makes me proud to be a Seton grad and to have the opportunity to go into a community and just serve…” - Bettina Brown '14

"I learned so much about myself and my classmates. Encounter opened my eyes to us having more similarities than we have differences." – Grace Tarnosky '14

"I don't think I would have gotten the full Seton experience if I hadn't gone on Encounter." - Flavia Perrotta ‘13