Seton Senior First to Ride New Elevator

It had long been a dream that Enya Carter ’20 would be the first official rider of Elizabeth Seton
High School’s new elevator. But with the sudden departure to Distance Learning and the move
to virtual gatherings, it seemed that the “Enyavator,” as we lovingly dubbed it, would not
host Enya as its first rider. But as he had done all his life when medical professionals first
warned him that Enya may never walk due to her early diagnosis of cerebral palsy, Enya's father, Gregory Carter, made our wish come true as he and Enya returned on June 18 to take the first ride.
Although Enya did indeed learn to walk, her struggle with mobility and Seton’s multiple
stairways and bustling hallways was a daily challenge. Enya took her first Seton elevator ride
with her father and Mr. Albert Barry, Director of Facilities, who also echoes endless gratitude to
our entire Seton Community for equipping our school with dignified access for all and with
making his job, “just a little bit easier.”

Mr. Carter and Mr. Barry are both exemplary examples of the men in our Seton Community that
we applaud and admire as we wish all of our fathers, grandfathers and family friends, a very Happy Father's Day!