New Program: "SETON-WISE"

This year, we have begun a new program called SETON-WISE solely for freshmen.  SETON-WISE sessions occur during study hall on 12 different days in the school year.  In SETON-WISE, we prepare a discussion for freshmen on topics of importance to them as Seton students and as young women.  Topics we have covered thus far include email etiquette, Seton's core values, Seton history, speaking and listening, and reflecting on the first quarter.  Today was our 6th SETON-WISE session and the topic covered was Social Media and its impact on young women.  We want to share with you the video we used as part of our discussion as well as the article we showed the girls.  Perhaps this could open a discussion in your family about the use of social media and its positive and negative impacts on all of us.