Parent Donation to Capital Campaign

Dear Parents:

Thank you so much to all of you who have indicated that you wish to donate your parent service refund check to the Capital Campaign.  Your generosity is so appreciated.  

Please note that the following procedures have been put in place for this process:

1.      Once parents have completed 10 hours of service, they will receive a phone call or email from Kelly Wilson asking them if they would like to donate their refund or any part of their refund to the Elizabeth Seton High School Capital Campaign.

2.      If they respond affirmatively, a donation from the Parent Club will be sent to the Capital Campaign.

3.      Sr. Mary Frances, Parent Service Hours Coordinator, will send each parent an electronic thank you letter for their records.

4.      Any questions about this process should be directed to Sr. Mary Fran  If parents wish to make this donation, they can also email Sr. Mary Fran.

Many, many thanks for your continued generosity.  We are getting closer to a wonderful auditorium.

Sister Ellen Marie