Kelsy C. '24

Middle School Attended
Oyster Adams Bilingual School

What are some of the extra-curricular activities in which you participate? 
Some extra-curricular activities I participate in the Latina club at Seton and I’m also part of the Ambassadors Club!
What is your favorite class and why? 
My favorite class is Sport and Fitness because we learned about different sports and get background information on the sport. We also get to play the sport and have some fun.
Who is your favorite teacher and why? 
My favorite teacher is Ms. Blair because she took the time in class to explain when you needed help. She never made you feel scared or worried if you ever got a question wrong in class or didn't understand. Ms. Blair made me love math even more and made me feel confident. I have never felt confident in math until this year.
What is your favorite Seton tradition? 
My favorite Seton tradition is on the first day of school, we have a mini pep rally in the morning and we welcome the incoming class (freshmen) and then we cheer and clap for the sophomores, juniors and seniors.
How would you best describe the Seton spirit? 
How I would describe the Seton spirit energetic! Everyone goes all out to represent their class year and have a lot of energy to cheer for the class year.
Give us your best memory of your Seton experience so far! 
Best memory of my Seton experience so far is first day of school pep rally.