Nuntiah W. ‘22

Middle School Attended
Rosa Parks Middle School
What are some of the extra-curricular activities in which you participate? 
Since freshman year, I've been a member of Seton's track team. In addition to this, other extracurriculars that I participate in are Writing Club, which I founded in my junior year, and International Club, where I am a club leader. I am also a part of the Seton Speaks leadership team where I strive to better educate the Seton Community on various topics that many of our students feel are important, and I am a member of National Honor Society.
What is your favorite class and why? 
My favorite class has always been English. Though I enjoy reading books, that is not the sole reason that I prefer English classes. In every English class I've been in at Seton, I've always had the pleasure of writing essays that analyze texts or argue for or against something within those texts. Developing well written essays is an important skill in life, and I am glad that my English classes teach me how to craft an essay to perfection.
Who is your favorite teacher and why? 
The French teacher Madame St. Louis is my favorite teacher because of how bubbly her personality is. Whenever I had her class first thing in the morning, I would feel energized minutes after walking into her room due to her cheerfulness.
What is your favorite Seton tradition?
My favorite tradition here at Seton is the Big Sister program where upperclassmen take underclassmen as their "little sisters" and act like an older sister figure to them. This represents the Seton sisterhood best and it helps build our amazing school community.
How would you best describe the Seton spirit? 
The Seton spirit is something that is very contagious and even if it isn't something that comes to you immediately, you will begin to feel it once you hear the whole school singing the school song.
Give us your best memory of your Seton experience so far! 
My best Seton memory is going on a field trip to the Newseum with my broadcast journalism class.