Mission and Design of Distance Learning at Seton

In the wake of Covid-19 and mandatory school closure by Maryland Governor, Larry Hogan, Elizabeth Seton High School, implemented a Distance Learning Program consistent with its mission: Elizabeth Seton High School cultivates confidence in young women through an innovative and rigorous academic experience.
Our Design

Elizabeth Seton High School has moved to an alternate-day, block schedule, which allows  students to meet in each of their classes twice a week. Fridays are designated as a teacher/student work day in which students engage in extended learning sessions, small group or one to one meets with their teacher, or project-based learning.

Screen Time and Student Safety

In an effort to manage student screen time well, classes are held from 9:00-2:30. Each class is scheduled for a 20-minute period, and students intermittently attend class according to their schedule. Students have time between classes to exercise, to relax with family members and to be of service to others.

Instructional Variety

Distance Learning instruction is far from simply lecture-based classes. Critical debate, group discussion, science labs, audio-based language exercises and kinesthetic learning are included in the instructional design. Student-based presentations are also an integral part of the assessment process as are traditional quizzes and tests.


Students personalize their understanding of each class’ learning concepts by engaging in math labs, media-based projects, writing assignments, reflective reading and creative designs to advance their mastery of skills and knowledge. Homework is reviewed and graded by teachers to assess student learning.

Personal Contact

Seton treasures the relationship between students and teachers and often credits our staff with being the number one reason for our success. Distance Learning does not change this belief as our schedule allows for support time with teachers, individual
google meets, and online study sessions arranged by teachers or students.

A Team Approach

Recognizing the diverse needs and learning styles of our students, Seton has implemented an extensive mentoring program, which affords students a one-to-one relationship with a mentor who assists students with tutoring, studying, organization, and support. Many a student has made the adjustment to distance learning with the encouragement and direction received from their mentor.

Seton’s Guidance Department continues to meet with students for discussion, for college counseling, and for the promotion of each student’s health and well-being as they navigate the effects of Coronavirus 19 In their families, their friendships, and their future goals.

The Seton Administration is highly active in this new academic design. Attending classes, evaluating instruction, meeting one-to-one with students, teachers, and parents continue to be their highest form of service to the school.

A Confident Young Woman

While nothing is more heart-wrenching for our community than not being together for the formation of our students, many signs of growth and self-direction are extremely apparent as we see our students develop increased skills in time-management, organization, and personal accountability. Likewise, their creativity, their communication, and their independence have all recognizably matured in this new academic approach to learning.

A Thankful Community

Despite the uncertainty and anxiety of Covid-19, Seton remains a thankful community: thankful that God has kept us all safe, thankful that we have bonded together to fulfill our mission as parents, educators, and students, and thankful that we are supported by a host of friends, donors and alumnae who hold us deep in prayer.

We certainly know that we are incredibly blessed with "The Light to Know and The Grace to Do."