Opportunities for Excellence

From its inception, Elizabeth Seton offered college preparatory, business, and home economics courses. Seton’s college preparatory program has always been sound.
As students in the college preparatory track pursued more advanced academic courses, students desiring to enter business fields chose courses like Typing, Stenography and Office Practice. Graduates of the business program were so well prepared that government agencies would come to Seton to recruit them.

As the role of women in society evolved in the latter part of the 20th century, so did Elizabeth Seton’s curriculum. The decision was made to focus on college preparatory courses only. Following this decision, business courses were replaced with technology courses. Home economics courses were no longer offered. This decision also impacted the academic courses offered to a college bound student body. Since 1993, the number of Advanced Placement and honors level courses has grown steadily. Currently Seton offers 13 AP and 24 Honors level courses.

Seton’s curriculum has further evolved today to include four Pre-Career Programs that offer students exposure to career fields, both inside and outside the classroom. Each of these academic tracks offer professional mentorship and internship programs.