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Welcome to the Class of 1972 50th Reunion Message Board.  This is a space where you can leave your picture memories, words of nostalgia, and excitement for the upcoming reunion.  Please feel free to send over pictures and/or memories or simply your sentiments for the upcoming reunion.

To drop your memories here, please email them to Erica Corbin Boursiquot, Seton Alumnae Director at  All picture files must be converted into a jpeg before sending.
    • Catherine Newby McDonald and Family

    • Catherine Newby McDonald and Granddaughter

**Catherine Newby McDonald--Hello everyone, hope to see messages about you!  Let me know how you are doing! I had career in government. My husband Jim and I are retired and enjoy fellowship with our church.  We have been married 37 years now. We have one child Tricia (and Evan and 4 dogs) in Hagerstown. She is an accountant.  Our other child is Brian married to Tami and with my grandbaby Quinn are currently located in Wiesbaden Germany as he is the civilian working for the army.  He is in finance.  Feel free to send me an email
Hello to my fellow Seton sisters!
As probably like many of you life has had its ups and downs. Following graduation I briefly worked in the clerical arena but I felt a strong desire to pursue a career in the healthcare field and was fortunate to find an on the job training at Children's Hospital where I emailed for 8 years. From there I moved on to the Arlington County Health Department. My last job before early retirement was as a Medical Specialist at Whitman Walker Clinic where I remained for 20 years.
After retirement I finally decided I wanted to return to college and went on to earn both my Bachelors and Masters degree in Psychology. 
I am currently providing Patient Advocating services to the senior population in my community as well as virtual seminars on living a healthier lifestyle.
My leisure time includes crafting,  jigsaw puzzles and gardening. 
Though I had no children, I am blessed to still have my mother, 2 nephews, 7 great nieces and nephews and a host of many other relatives and friends.
I hope to hear from some of you...feel free to connect with me at
Peace & Blessing
Belinda Pauls-Anderson
"A picture is worth a thousand words, but a memory is priceless."