AP, Honors & Online Courses

AP Course Offerings
Advanced Placement (AP) course offerings provide qualified students with the opportunity to study one or more disciplines at the college level while still attending high school. National exams taken at the conclusion of the school year allow students to earn advanced placement, credit, or both in college. More than half of Seton AP students earn scores of 3, 4, or 5 on these national exams, well exceeding the national average.
Seton currently offers the following Advanced Placement courses: AP World History, AP US History, AP Government and Politics, AP English Literature and Composition, AP English Language and Composition, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics C, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Psychology, AP Spanish and AP Statistics.
Honors Course Offerings
All classes offered at Seton are college preparatory. However, students who demonstrate advanced abilities may enroll in accelerated courses that cover topics in even greater depth and breadth. Incoming freshmen are placed into honors courses based on middle school grades, standardized testing, and placement testing. Current students are recommended for honors level courses based on their grades.
Currently, Seton offers the following honors classes: Honors English 1, Honors Literary Traditions, Honors American Literature, Honors Geometry/Trigonometry, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Honors Anatomy and Physiology, Honors World History, Honors Government, Honors Spanish 1, Honors Spanish 2, Honors Spanish 3, Honors Spanish 4, Honors French 2, Honors French 3, Honors French 4, Honors Concert Choir, Honors Symphonic Band, and Honors Advanced Studio.
Online Courses
Elizabeth Seton High School provides students with a fully accredited educational experience that meets and exceeds state and federal standards and graduation requirements. Students at Seton receive direct instruction from highly qualified teachers in courses commensurate with the requirements for college entrance. However, in order to meet individual student needs and scheduling conflicts, we provide students with the opportunity to enroll in online courses with the approval of the administration and in accord with Seton’s academic policies. If a student has a strong interest in a class not required for high school graduation, or if a required course does not fit into her schedule, she may choose to take an online course with approval from the administration.
If approval is granted for a student to take a course online, the grade for the online course is placed on the student’s transcript, but not computed for her GPA. Any course must be completed in the same academic year that approval was granted. It is the student’s responsibility to have an official transcript sent from the online provider to Seton when the course has been completed. An authorization form must be completed and signed by the student’s counselor and parent prior to enrollment in any online course.
The following courses cannot be completed online:
English 1, 2, 3, 4
Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry or the third Math credit
Biology, Chemistry or the third Science credit
First year of a World Language
The following online programs are approved for credit at Elizabeth Seton High School:

Online Course Authorization Form

  • Online Course Authorization Form
    To request authorization for an online course, please download the Online Course Authorization Form and submit to the Guidance Office.