Why We Give

Frances Glavan, Former Faculty Member

I was at Seton in various capacities from 1968-1989. During those years I observed the exceptional way an all-girls, Catholic education helped to mold girls into thinking, empathetic and intelligent woman ready to take their place as responsible citizens. To this day I see the special bond these woman have with each other and to the school. I choose to continue to support Seton because I believe in their mission and wish to be a part of their success.

Wanda King, Current Parent

I am grateful for the opportunity to teach Madison (Seton Class of 2018) that as she looks forward to the future, she should always look back for opportunities to support Seton. Supporting the Capital Campaign is not only about enabling the students to have a better library or athletic field, but also about building on the legacy of giving back to the school as others before have done. Too often we think of supporting our colleges or universities and we forget the critical role Seton plays in preparing our girls for college. It is a privilege to give.

Eileen Robertson, Class of 1988

It took me well into adulthood to fully appreciate my education at Seton. Attending a school that provided a nurturing environment where I could develop, learn, experiment (including making mistakes) and express myself fully in all areas of academics and extracurricular activities was a wonderful foundation for me as I became an adult. I believe that all women are leaders in their lives whether that be as a professional, a leader in their families or both. I think it is critical to support Seton so they can continue to provide a supportive environment and extraordinary education for young women. The result will be remarkable women leaders - that will make a difference for all of our futures.

James and Rita Riley, Parents of Sarah (Riley) DeLuca '85 and Rachel (Riley) Frost '88

Unleashing the talents and creativity of all segments of our population is vital to our future prosperity. We see supporting access for young women to Seton's rigorous education and nurturing atmosphere as vital to this process.

Julia Clark, faculty member

I give because I am grateful to teach such energetic, friendly and interesting students and to work with such supportive and talented colleagues. I love working at Seton, and I want it to be around forever. And, of course, as an English teacher, I couldn't resist the idea of a beautiful new library!

Mary and Terry O’Meara, Current Staff member and parents of Elise ’10 and Kasey ‘12

We give to Seton because of our gratitude for the phenomenal education our daughters received and in appreciation of the lifelong benefit Catholic Education provides.

Theresa Persick-Arnold, Class of 1970

I decided to give to Seton to continue the history of quality education for today's young women in the hopes their lives are directed to do great things in service of their family, their community, their country and their God.