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“While the financial support of donors is both helpful and necessary to ensure the sustainability of Seton for now and years to come, I can attest, firsthand, that it is in building relationships with the students that real wealth reveals itself. Knowing the dreams, hopes, challenges and aspirations of our Scholars has allowed us to put a face with a name.  As we develop a relationship with our Scholars, our "rewards" are an honor roll text, a college acceptance phone call, an invitation to sit in the bleachers and witness a basketball championship- the possibilities are endless. It is in these moments that we know that the giving of not only our treasure, but our time and talents are making a difference that will pay big dividends in the lives of our Scholars. It is an honor and a joy to be part of our incredible Scholars' journeys.”                                                    
Beth Flaherty
The Seton History
Elizabeth Seton High School opened in l959 as a school owned and operated by the Daughters of Charity.  From its inception, the school was founded to provide a quality education to the children of working-class parents who had the will and the love to make tremendous sacrifices for the benefit of their children.  Their frugal living and their working several jobs enabled them to pay for an education that they held in high esteem, an education that would prepare their daughters for college. 
The Seton Legacy
Elizabeth Seton High School is blessed to have the foundress of Catholic Education in America, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, as its source of inspiration.  Elizabeth established the St. Joseph’s Academy and Free School dedicated to the education of young Catholic women. Both the genius of the school’s economic stability and the spiritual impact of the school was its acceptance of young women whose families could provide for their daughter’s education as well as those whose families could not afford these costs.  Her legacy became the foundation of the Catholic School system in America.
Seton Today
Elizabeth Seton High School continues the spiritual tradition of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton by offering scholarships and financial aid to more than two-thirds of its young women. Recognizing the needs of many parents and grandparents who are sacrificing so much for their daughters and granddaughters to attend Seton, the Daughters of Charity and the Board of Directors are committed to providing financial support for those who struggle with illness, employment challenges, family upheaval, and many other painful realities.
Seton Success
Elizabeth Seton High School offers every student the opportunity to engage in a challenging college preparatory curriculum, an amazing pre-career program, and a myriad of athletic, extracurricular and service activities that are part of the transformation of a young girl into a confident Seton woman.  Seton proudly attests to the many measures of success:
  • 100% college acceptance rate
  • Scholarship and grant money awarded to graduating students exceeds $22 million
  • SAT scores exceeding State and National averages
Support-A-Seton Student
Participating in the Support-A-Seton Student Program not only invites a donor to financially support the funding gap between what a family can pay and the cost of a Seton tuition, but it also, offers “a true believer of Seton” to “put a face” with the gift that they are making and to “say her name” when interacting with their Seton student.  Getting to know a Seton student, listening to her hopes and dreams, and supporting her development are joyous moments of the relationship that develops between a donor and a student.  Pope Francis describes this inspiring role well: “Young people hope to find someone who actively listens to their needs and responds in kind; someone deeply loving and self-aware; someone who knows the joys and sorrows of the spiritual journey.”  To accompany a Seton woman in her growth and maturity is a blessing beyond words.  Surely, the one who gives will receive more than they give.  The Support-A-Seton Student Program will build this relationship with many opportunities:
  • The Seton Meet & Greet Session
  • Invitations to events
  • Holiday notes and cards
  • Quarterly Seton Socials
A Donor’s View
“Our donation is not just giving money away; it is providing an opportunity for a young woman to have a strong educational and moral foundation, enabling her to have a positive impact in her career and her community. The young women we have helped have become a civil rights attorney, a business woman, an artist and a nurse, all of whom have shown a passion for paying their opportunities forward. The current student that we help is an honors student who devotes her summers to giving back to a local, Catholic elementary school.  Knowing these young ladies, being engaged in their development and seeing the benefits of the Seton influence on them, makes every dollar donated worthwhile. These young women display the work ethic, the moral character and the Vincentian spirit that a Seton education embodies. The pride I have as a Seton alumna has grown through seeing these young women displaying the Seton mission. They have also allowed me to stay very connected to my community of faith - both St. Ambrose and Seton. Recently, one of the parents of one of the young women we helped, told me that her daughter was helping pay the tuition of a college student in their home country. She personifies my prayer that all these young women will one day ‘pay it forward’.    Luanne Vendemia Smith ‘86
A Student’s Voice
“I am so thankful to the Class of 1990 for supporting me with a scholarship.  I feel so blessed to have been chosen to receive their gift.  When we first heard this news, my mother and I were shocked to be so fortunate.  With the many challenges my family faces, this is the best thing that could have happened to us.  And most definitely, I do want to continue my relationship with these generous Seton alumnae.”  Elise Howard ‘23
The Donor Match
Support-A-Seton Student is open to all who would like to encourage and applaud a Seton student. Very often those with no children of their own or those with grown children participate in this program. It is especially meaningful when someone who has lost a child chooses to support this effort.  Likewise, those who choose to honor the sacrifices of their own parents are wonderful donors. It is also possible for a group of alumnae or for an alumnae class to pool together their resources and support a Seton student.  The level of interaction with the student can be individually guided by the staff of Seton.
Support-A-Seton Student Sponsorship Levels:
Summa cum laude - Support a Seton Student for the Year - $15,000.00 and above
Maxima cum laude – Support a Seton Student for the Semester - $7,500.00 and above
Magna cum laude – Support a Seton Student for the Quarter - $3,750.00 and above
Cum laude – Support a Seton Student for the Month - $1,500.00 and above
We thank you for considering our Support-A-Seton Student Program.
Your support will help a young woman as she embodies our core values of academic excellence, integrity, creativity, unity, respect,
and service to others.
By nurturing and affirming her, you will inspire her to become the best version of herself.
For more information on this program, please contact
Erica Boursiquot, Director of Alumnae and Donor Relations
“Young people hope to find someone who actively listens to their needs and responds in kind; someone deeply loving and self-aware; someone who knows the joys and
sorrows of the spiritual journey.”   Pope Francis I