Summer Arts Program

Second Annual Summer Arts Program

for the

Children in Our Neighborhood

We welcome all to our newly renovated, state-of-the-art, Mahler Center for the Performing Arts!

Everyone is invited to our table and in our home as members of One Community!

Our Community Engagement Program features

  • a full complement of summer arts activities,
  • field trips, and
  • educational enrichment for all children!

Children will experience

  • critical thinking,
  • collaboration with others on a wide variety of group projects,
  • socializing with peers and, most importantly…having fun!

Unique opportunities for participants include

  • workforce training development, in which parents will be learning alongside!

Special thanks to partners in community engagement:

Joe’s Movement Emporium

and Endtime Harvest Ministries

for their


Together, we can promote systemic change!

Together, we can shine the LIGHT TO KNOW and instill the GRACE TO DO!

Please follow this page for frequent pictures, and please contact us regarding volunteer opportunities, donations, and ideas!

Please contact Sister Ellen Marie @