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Capital Campaign

With great pride, we invite you to “Take A Closer Look” at Seton and to see the talents of our young women. We certainly know that we can’t take this look without expressing our gratitude to so many who have contributed to Seton’s success. First and foremost, we applaud our staff whose faithful service gives our girls so many opportunities. Likewise, the sacrifices of our parents are an immeasurable stimulant to our growth. But, without a doubt, it has been the generosity of those who believe in Seton that has been essential to our excellence.
A recent survey of the Seton Community conducted by the firm, Enrollment Catalyst, challenges Seton to continually update its facilities. Thus, we have made the commitment to improve our performing arts space and to acquire an elevator for the school in our desire to be an inclusive community with access to all.
I am more excited about this Capital Campaign than ever before! Not only will this campaign bring forth a much needed change for our performing arts department, but it will also allow Seton to be a catalyst for change in our community as we partner with others to allow the arts to give expression to many talents, to connect generations of people, and to provide opportunities for others to enjoy, to learn, to create, and to celebrate.
Every advancement we achieve in the improvement of our facilities through this campaign will enhance Seton’s image in the market, but every stride we make in serving others will shine the spotlight on our legacy of offering others the light to know and the grace to do.”
Please take a look, a closer look at what you can give to this campaign. The Capital Campaign will be our financial focus for this year. There will be no additional annual appeal. All of our giving will be toward this end.
May God give us all the light to know and the grace to do!
Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, DC ‘74