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Seton Traditions: Freshmen Yellow Rose Ceremony
Seton Traditions: Freshmen Yellow Rose Ceremony

The administration and select staff at Elizabeth Seton High School celebrated the Class of 2021 during our annual Freshmen and Freshmen Parent Night. Families heard from each our school administrators and our freshmen participated in our long standing tradition- the Yellow Rose Ceremony.

Becoming a fully developed human being is a life-long journey. On this journey, we learn, we love, and we grow. Our students time at here at Elizabeth Seton High School is an important part of the journey of growing into mature young women. We invite our students to look to Mary, the Blessed Mother, as a model and guide throughout their time at Seton. In fact, it is a tradition at Seton for students to dedicate their high school days to Mary.

The rose is a beautiful flower that holds great symbolism. The rose is both a symbol of purity and of passion, which represents a perfected, fully developed human being. It is no wonder that the rose is associated with Mary, the mother of Jesus. In addition, the rose is a symbol of joy. We joyfully welcome our freshmen into our community and we are delighted that they will share this part of their journey toward becoming a mature young women with us.

Yellow Roses are a symbol of true friendship. We hope that our freshmen form deep and lasting friendships throughout their journey at Seton.

Yellow Roses profess "I care." At Seton, we care about our students academic, spiritual, emotional, social and physical well-being.

The yellow rose symbolizes remembrance. Each of our students will always be a part of the Seton community and its traditions.

And finally, the yellow rose our freshmen received are a symbol of hope; hope in anticipation of all the accomplishments of our students years as students of Elizabeth Seton High School, and hope for all things spiritual, academic and social that each student will achieve during her four years of high school.

Four years from now, these freshmen will receive an open red rose when they are seniors. The red rose will be a symbol of hope fulfilled. Red roses will be placed in front of the Blessed Mother in thanksgiving for her protection and guidance during our students four years at Elizabeth Seton.

The evening concluded with a picture slideshow highlighting the Class of 2021 and their first days of school! Please click here to view the slideshow.