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Seton Traditions: Bringing Back our Big Sister/Little Sister Program
Seton Traditions: Bringing Back our Big Sister/Little Sister Program

The Big/Little Sister Program is a part of Elizabeth Seton High School's rich history of traditions. Through the decades, the program has changed and evolved. This year, a dedicated and enthusiastic group of staff members, made of alumnae and other staff members who recall the Big/Little Sister Program with fondness, decided to revitalize the program so the current generation of Seton sisters can enjoy this wonderful tradition.

The program's mission is to have students in the junior class serve as "big sisters" to students in the freshmen class of "little sisters" and mentor their little sisters throughout their high school journey. Our faculty leaders conducted a mentorship training for the juniors that highlighted tools on engaging and supporting their little sisters. The kickoff event included a meet and greet, activities and breakfast for the Big and Little Sisters.

Mrs. Diane Zellers Billingsley, '04, remembers meeting her big sister during her freshman year and recognizing that she was also her shadow hostess when she had visited as an eighth grader. Mrs. Billingsley recalls, "my big sister was so helpful throughout my journey through high school and I always felt like I could ask her anything. We still keep in touch now!" Diane is currently a staff member here at Seton and is excited to revitalize the Big/Little Sister Program so she can witness our current students enjoying the same significant experience she had.

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