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Pharmacy Technician Program Ceremony
Pharmacy Technician Program Ceremony

The Pharmacy Technician Program provides students in their Senior year with basic knowledge and practices in pharmacology and the roles and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician in both community-based and hospital pharmacies. Students who complete the course and pass the state approved final examination are offered organizational placements to complete 160 hours of work experience in both community-based and hospital-based pharmacies located in Prince George's County, Montgomery County, and Washington, DC. Upon completion of their internship work experience requirements, students may apply for Maryland State certification as a Pharmacy Technician.

Since inception, the program has grown from twenty-nine to forty-one girls. To date, all students have passed the Board of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Technician exam and over 76% have completed their 160 hours of work experience required for the program. Currently, over half of the students in this program have obtained their license prior to going to college.

This year, forty-one Seton seniors received coats as part of the annual tradition. The ceremony traditionally takes place in October, in recognition of American Pharmacists Month, during which we celebrate the accomplishments of pharmacists and educate patients, the public, policy makers, and other health professionals about pharmacists' role as integral members of health care teams.

Presiding over the ceremony was Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, DC '74, President of Elizabeth Seton High School, and Dr. Barbara McHenry, PharmD, Director of the Pharmacy Technician Program. Dr. Ellen H. Yankellow, PharmD, President and CEO of Correct Rx Pharmacy Services, delivered the keynote address and Crystal Riley '97, PharmD, MHA, MBA, Senior Manager, Healthcare Policy & Reimbursement, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, gave the closing remarks. Pharmacists from across the Greater Washington, DC area were on hand to bestow the coats upon our students.

Sister Ellen Marie addressed the students, guests and their families,

"We welcome the Pharmacists who have come to join us today. As I was thinking about their role in health care, I know that many are also involved in research, in laboratory work, in medicine approval and safety, but they also all have the desire to make people well. This year, as we celebrate the 400th Anniversary of the Vincentian Charism, the gift from God that inspired St. Vincent and St. Louise. St. Vincent's vocation to the service of those in need began when he went to the home of a family that was ill and could not care for themselves. St. Louise was an organizer of associations of women and young women who wanted to devote themselves to caring for the sick. St. Louise herself was a bit of a pharmacist in the 17th century.

While we do not share that particular vocation of St. Vincent and St. Louise, I invite all of you to take a page out of their book and fully enter into our ceremony today realizing that we are all called to make people well: to treat them with kindness and dignity and to love them emotionally, spiritually, and tenderly. Let us appreciate what is happening with our young women today as they receive their white coats and let us all commit to being people who make others well."

Congratulations to our Pharmacy Technician students and our gratitude to all in attendance.