Room to Grow

Elizabeth Seton High School’s strengths do not end in the classroom. Seton’s athletic facilities and prowess have grown over the years. From basic "gym" classes in bloomers and tunics and field sports of early days, Seton has evolved to offer a wider range of fitness activities and Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC) sports.
The original construction included a building that encompassed the Convent, Chapel, classrooms and offices, cafeteria, library, and a gymnasium/multi-purpose room. By the turn of the century, Seton had outgrown its original space, and it was time to add more. Then President, Sister Virginia Ann Brooks, began looking toward funding and building the new expansion. In September 2007, the new Sports and Fine Arts building, named in her honor as the Sister Virginia Ann Brooks Center, was dedicated. The new addition included a state-of-the art gymnasium, locker rooms, workout room, offices, equipment rooms, and classrooms. It also housed the Performing Arts Program with a dance studio, and acoustically balanced vocal and instrumental studios.