Instrumental Music Scholarship Auditions

Elizabeth Seton High School
♪ Instrumental Music Department ♪
Auditions for Instrumental Music Department scholarships will be held on Saturday, January 25th from 8 am to 3 pm. Auditions are by appointment only. Please call Mrs. Jeanne Daly at (301) 864-4532, ext. 7120 to make an appointment.
Scholarships will be awarded to selected freshmen based upon specific factors as outlined below. These auditions are competitive and are designed for more advanced players.
Scholarship Audition Requirements:
  • A prepared solo or piece of music of your own choice to perform (please bring a copy for Dr. Tatum)
  • Major scales up to 3 sharps or 3 flats
  • Sight-reading.
Scholarship awards will be based on:
  1. Instrumental proficiency – technique, articulation, range
  2. Tone quality and intonation
  3. Sight-reading skill
  4. Knowledge of scales: Bb, Eb, F, C, G, D, A and a chromatic scale for winds and keyboard percussion; D major, G major, F major, & C major for strings
  5. Current instrumentation needs of the department. (We are looking specifically for students who play instruments that will broaden our instrumentation, especially brass players, but all instruments will be considered for awards.)
Awards will be applied to tuition. They are designed to support the growth of the music department and are funded solely by the Elizabeth Seton Music Booster Organization through donations and fund raising efforts. We hope to encourage talented musicians to continue with music in high school by offering some help with their tuition. Scholarship notifications will be included in the admissions notification packet that will be sent out from the Admissions Office.
Auditions for all other instrumental music students will be held in March during Registration Week. The March auditions will be for the purpose of course placement only. There will be no scholarship auditions at that time. All students who audition will have a place in an ensemble. No one is excluded from the program based on the audition.
These audition requirements are non­competitive and will include:
  • A piece of music of your own choice (can be a band or orchestra piece)
  • A (concert) Bb Major scale; (D Major for strings)
  • Brief, simple sight reading piece
If you have any questions about the audition process, or about the Elizabeth Seton High School Instrumental Music Department, please call at any time. We look forward to meeting you!
Dr. Brad Tatum, Instrumental Music Director
(301) 864-4532 x 7512