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At Seton, we aren’t just students and faculty. We are a family and a community. More than friends, our students call each other “sisters” because of the unique, life-long bonds they forge here. We have a Big Sister/Little Sister program that helps our new students acclimate to their new surroundings and find their way. During Freshmen Orientation, Big Sisters run the activities, help with directions in the hallways, and are available to answer all kinds of questions – for students and parents!

“Seton Spirit” is our unique culture of character, friendship, and compassion. Seton students are responsible and sincere, and they respect themselves and others. Their confidence serves them well now, and will continue to support them throughout life, providing a future that is limitless. Each student at Seton is held to our system of values, which includes Academic Excellence, Unity, Integrity, Respect, Creativity, and Service to Others. The Seton culture creates high academic and moral expectations. Students are expected to do their best work, act in an ethical manner, and channel their skills to serve others.

Elizabeth Seton isn’t just a school. It’s a culture where young women grow to fulfill their dreams, reach their goals, and are empowered to lead, learn, and serve others.

Betsy, '18

Georgia '18

Gillian '20

Bettina '20

Cameron '18


Seton is leading the way in preparing young women to succeed in college, career, and life. Each student is able to participate in a variety of programs and activities that will empower her to explore, develop, and pursue her passions. Seton cultivates an environment where interacting with diverse people, ideas, and backgrounds will prepare graduates to develop successful personal and business relationships in the 21st century.

ESHS provides students with a solid academic foundation that is designed for college-bound students who are serious about academic success. In addition to a challenging core curriculum, Honors and AP classes are available, along with a Scholars program and National Honor Society.

Pre-Career Programs in Engineering & Design, Law, and Health Science/Pharmacy are offered to complement our rich liberal arts program.. The programs provide internships and mentorships that will enhance the student experience.

Laura Alegbeleye '07

Elizabeth Fatzinger

Jonathan Flores

Bridget Looney

Mandy Teal-Kilmer

Kathy Vadala

Elise O'Meara '10

Melissa Landini '99

Diane Billingsley '04


Patty Commins

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Tatiana Brown


Dewanna Knight