January 30
PG County Solo and the Ensemble Festival!

We had 36 students perform Solos, Duets, or Quartets at the festival.
This meant we had 27 performances. 23 performances received a Superior
rating and 5 performances received an Excellent rating. No one
received less than Excellent rating.

Superior Solos
Tailor Hayling(violin)
Tyler Alexander(clarinet)
Mary Rose Carter(violin)
Elizabeth Tarnosky(cello)
Amber Whetstone(violin)
Yoselin Avila Garcia(violin)
Serlena Flowers(viola)
Michaela Zabel(clarinet)
Tyler Holman(clarinet)
Madeleine Naleski(clarinet)
Madison Townsend(clarinet)
Elizabeth Busch(bassoon)
Sahara Chapman(flute)
Leonida Robinson(flute)
Madeleine Murphy(flute)
Deanna Gaskin(percussion)
Sarah Rodeffer(Euphonium)
Kathleen Quinn(tuba)(Isabelle Dang Accompanying)

Superior Ensembles
Alici Lisier and Kristin Rozylowicz(Trumpet)
Arianna Taylor and Briianna Taylor(Viola Duet)
Jasmyn Parham, Jenna Kobel, Kylie Stinson, Chalys Caruth(Trumpet Quartet
Jasmyn Parham, Myjoi Holmes, Umeadi Dungor, Tolu Akintoba(Brass Quartet)

Excellent Ratings
Monique Payton(Trombone Solo)
Elena Rowe(Violin Solo)
Bailey Johnson(Flute Solo)
Amanda Peralta and Angel Luna(Sax Duet)
Chloe Zuk, Miranda Moss(String Duet)

Washington Archdiocesan Honor Bands

Honor Band I
Tyler Alexander (3rd Chair Clarinet)
Leonida Robinson (5th Chair flute)
Elizabeth Busch(2nd Chair Bassoon)
Jasmyn Parham(6th Chair Trumpet)

Honor Band II
Monique Payton (1st Chair Trombone)
Sarah Rodeffer (1st Chair Euphonium)
Madeline Naleski (9th Chair Clarinet)