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Welcome to Elizabeth Seton High School's Virtual Open House! You can begin the Open House program by watching the welcome video directly below, then explore the rest of the page featuring pre-recorded content, downloadable materials and frequently asked questions.

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In the videos below, hear from our Seton faculty about their curriculum and commitment to our Seton community and from our Alumnae, who share how their Seton experience is shaping their future.
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In the video galleries below, we provide you with a sneak peek into our Instrumental, Dance and Choral Music programs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • What is a typical amount of homework per night?

    Elizabeth Seton is a college preparatory high school, and students are expected to begin preparing for collegiate workloads as early as freshman year. Our teachers are intentional about the homework they assign and homework is commensurate with the course objectives. Many teachers offer class time to begin working on homework to check for understanding, allowing students to ask questions before working independently. There is also a daily study hall block in our schedule.
  • What does your student technology look like at Elizabeth Seton?

    Elizabeth Seton High School students are 1:1 with MacBook Air laptops. Students are provided with a new MacBook at the beginning of their freshman year, and are enrolled in a 21st Century Technology course. This course teaches the operational information of technology in education, but more importantly, emphasizes the importance of digital citizenship and students’ presence on the internet. Throughout their time at Seton, students are provided with full coverage and insurance, and have the IT Department as a resource when any maintenance is needed on their laptops. After graduation, students keep their MacBooks.
  • What Pre-Career Programs does Elizabeth Seton offer? 

    Elizabeth Seton’s Pre-Career Programs include Pre-Law, LEAD (engineering), Hospitality, Pharmacy and Broadcast Journalism. Pre-Law, LEAD, and Broadcast Journalism can begin in a student’s freshman year, and Hospitality and Pharmacy begin in a student’s junior year. Course selection and four-year planning is an ongoing process for students with their guidance counselors. Thus, participation in Seton’s Pre-Career programs is discussed each year as students select their Courses. 

    To learn more about Seton’s pre-career programs, visit the webpage here

  • What type of schedule does Elizabeth Seton have?

    Elizabeth Seton’s typical in-person schedule is a rotating, block schedule. Students have 7 or 8 classes in their schedule each year. If a student has 7 classes in her schedule, the 8th class is filled with a Study Hall period. Students see four of their classes one day, and the remaining four classes the following day, on a rotating basis. Classes are 70 minutes long.
  • How does Elizabeth Seton provide students with connections to the school, in particular with DeMatha, Seton’s brother school? 

    During in-person learning, Elizabeth Seton High School offers a wide variety of opportunities to get involved. Often, students are involved in one of our 30+ clubs, Student Government, Athletics, and service projects. To visit the Virtual Club Fair that has taken place in September, please click here and find the list of clubs in the menu at the top of the page. 

    Elizabeth Seton and DeMatha Catholic collaborate in many ways- through student club activities, athletics, and forum-based informational sessions. Both schools also have shared transportation bus routes to ensure a maximized coverage of the DC and Maryland regions. 

  • Do you require applicants to take the High School Placement Test (HSPT)?

    Yes, Elizabeth Seton High School requires all students applying for 9th grade to take the HSPT. Transfer applicants are not required to take the HSPT. The Admissions Committee uses the HSPT as a standardized benchmark for students applying from over 80 different schools. The HSPT is one of numerous different data points which provides guidance to determine course placements and scholarship awards.
  • My family has attended some fall admissions events and is interested in applying for admission. What are the next steps?

    We are so glad your family is interested in applying to Elizabeth Seton High School. To learn more about further opportunities to visit, please go to our website to register for a Roadrunner for a Day visit by clicking here

    When your family is ready to apply, go to the Admissions Process on our website by clicking here. The application is due on Thursday, December 9. Please email all questions and concerns to

    Each applicant must submit the same documents; however, the process of sending them will look different for students in Catholic or Non-Catholic schools. To obtain a comprehensive list of details and requirements, please click here to view the Application Process.
  • What social and academic qualities does Elizabeth Seton look for in an applicant?

    At Elizabeth Seton, we look for a well-rounded student who will contribute to the school community. Seton students consistently show a commitment to high academic standards, are committed to service, have extra-curricular interests, and show respect to others. Click here to read “Meet a Roadrunner” spotlights of current Seton students.

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