Summer Work 2019


A message from the English Department:
We have received many questions about summer reading novels and where to purchase them. The books that you will use next year will be provided to you from the English department, but that fee does NOT include your summer reading books. Because you are expected to read those before the school year begins, you should be purchasing those on your own. We are not requiring a specific version for any, so please just refer to your assignment sheets linked below for the correct title and author.

AP British Literature - Seniors in AP British Literature will need to contact Dr. Carroll for complete instructions and details at


For all grade levels: Below you will find a list of prerequisite skills that are necessary for success in each course taught at Elizabeth Seton High School. The first page of the file explains our rationale for the assignments, and instructions. You will need to sign up for the correct Khan Academy course by the last day of exams.
Please space your work over the entire summer, instead of cramming in one or two weeks. The time you put into learning/mastering the concepts on the list will be more effective if you don't cram it in. Also, note that 10 hours (600 minutes) is the minimum amount of time required to work on this material. If you find you have mastered it before the 10 hours is met, use the rest of your time reinforcing other concepts you have already learned.
You can check your time on the Progress tab of your Profile page. You will need to set a custom date - start at June 17 - and add the estimated minutes together. And, remember, Khan Academy only counts active minutes (meaning, if you have videos playing in the background, open a different tab, minimize the KA window, the minutes stop being counted).
Finally, there will be a prerequisite assessment during the first week of school in August.


French 2, Honors French 2, Honors French 3, and Honors French 4 are expected to review the following commands and expressions, and will be required to use them in class throughout the year:


The documents below were created to instill practice in Spanish Language students and get them prepared for their 2019-2020 Spanish class.