Academic Departments

English Department

Reading literature allows us to empathize better with others and gain perspective without minimizing our own experience as we recognize common human themes among all peoples and all time periods. When we learn to read well, we learn to write well; harnessing the power of words allows us to effectively communicate and become better learners, leaders, citizens, and friends.

In order to guide our students to become better readers and writers, our department strongly encourages discussion, technological and visual literacy, revision, and critical analysis as students engage with a variety of writing genres, audiences, media, modes, and literacies.

Mathematics Department

Students at Seton will graduate with a firm grasp of the fundamentals of college preparatory mathematics, a solid sense of the applications of numbers, and a fluency in the subject that can be applied to both higher levels of mathematics and problem-solving in other arenas. Seton math teachers have access to many resources that make math interesting and engaging. And they employ meaningful and quality-questioning techniques in the classroom that encourage higher-level thinking and provide a solid foundation from which to attain more complex understandings of the subject.

A student’s work ethic and commitment play a vital role in her development to become an articulate, resilient, and college-ready young woman. The logic, reasoning, and problem-solving skills learned in math here at Seton will sustain her through her college years and beyond. In math, students may struggle through difficult challenges, make mistakes, analyze, and reevaluate, and that ultimately will enable each girl to be proud of her successful journey.

Performing Arts Department

The Performing Arts Department strives to provide opportunities for all students in Music, Dance and Theater. We welcome students from beginners to accomplished performing artists and offer introductory through advanced level courses. Our students will develop skills in the performing arts which will culminate in a variety of public performances throughout the year showcasing achievements, creativity and artistic understanding. We want our students to enjoy the process of making art, but also to have the motivation to attain excellence in performances. We believe that every student at every skill level should enjoy the gratification of the artistic experience.

Physical Education Department

The Physical Education Department strives to contribute to the physical and social growth of our students through regular exercise and activity. Students are provided with a safe and nurturing environment in which they have opportunities to lead, collaborate, and enjoy physical activity. Our ultimate goal is to guide our young women toward an active adult lifestyle.

Religious Education Department

The Religious Studies Department serves a diverse group of students from a variety of religious backgrounds. We work to guide our students toward a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, increase their understanding of the Catholic faith, and value the importance of service to their communities. With a firm foundation in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and Catholic Moral Theology, we encourage each students to put their faith into action and to share the light of Christ with others. This concept is highlighted through the lives and teachings of our religious founders, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Saint Vincent De Paul, and Saint Louise de Marillac, whom we incorporate actively into our curriculum.

Jesus teaches us another way: Go out. Go out and share your testimony, go out and interact with your brothers, go out and share, go out and ask. Become the Word in body as well as spirit.

~ Pope Francis

Science Department

The science department is dedicated to developing students who are scientifically literate. We strive to provide a solid grounding in the physical and biological sciences that will enable students to pursue these fields successfully in college and beyond.

We believe that it is important that students explore, discover, and understand the concepts and methods that form the bases of the biological and physical sciences. Using laboratory techniques, we seek to develop and promote an understanding of the scientific process in our students. Furthermore, we aim to develop an appreciation of the importance of science in our society.

Social Studies Department

The Social Studies Department prepares young women to be active citizens in a modern democratic republic. Our students should graduate from Seton with the ability to critically evaluate political, economic, and cultural topics, analyzing the source of information and using documents and data to support their arguments. Exposure to multiple perspectives encourages our students to form, express, and defend their own viewpoints while respecting differing opinions. To build this analytical capability, Social Studies students at Seton examine the effects of group interaction and public policies on their homes, neighborhoods, nation, and the larger global community.


The Technology Department encourages all students to become responsible and efficient users of technology. We emphasize problem-solving, collaboration, and creativity. We teach best practices for current software to prepare them for their future education and careers. Recognizing that technology is ever-evolving, students will learn skills, which translate to other programs or devices. We explore each tool thoroughly so that our students learn to be confident with applying their knowledge to future endeavors. Additionally, we value a variety of assessment: effective writing, organization both digitally and physically, and traditional quizzes and tests, as well as practice before project-based learning.


The Visual Arts Department is committed to fostering the creativity that is inherent in all individuals. The students are encouraged to grow within and beyond their own abilities to improve their visual problem-solving skills. They are exposed to a variety of voices within the art history continuum so that they may become inspired. not only by their own experiences, but also by the experiences of many cultures. The department is committed to having the students explore various mediums and techniques of art within a collaborative setting. Students are also highly encourages to create art that speaks to the wider world.


The World Languages Department promotes and values cross-cultural awareness. We seek to motivate our students to continue exploring the language and culture of their choice beyond the curriculum requirement. In order to reach the students’ different learning styles, educators use a variety of tools and media such as videos, music, interactive technology, and local and international trips.

Student Support

All department teachers are available before and/or after school to assist students in need of additional practice with or clarification of classwork. National Honor Society upperclassmen provide tutoring after school twice weekly in any subject. Incoming freshmen who require more comprehensive, ongoing support to ensure their academic success may opt to take part in Seton's Bayley Program. Students with organizational weaknesses or minor diagnosed learning disabilities often find the structure of this program particularly helpful.