When will I use my new laptop?
All freshmen will be expected to arrive with their laptops fully charged each day and have it with them in all classes. Students are also required to purchase their own headphones or earbuds, which they must also have with them throughout the school day.

Can we buy or bring our own MacBook?
No - only school-issued devices will be acceptable. In order to maintain consistent functionality and student controls, only the laptops provided by the school may be used.

What happens if the laptop is lost, stolen or damaged?
Each MacBook Air will have “Find my MacBook” app downloaded to it. In addition, your insurance policy includes theft, accidental damage, fire, power surge, vandalism, and natural disasters. There is $0 deductible with this policy. Lost chargers are not included in this plan.

Will students use electronic text books?
Due to the variety of publishers and classroom expectations of each teacher, students will still need to purchase textbooks. However, teachers will use laptops in their classrooms for supplementary online tools and references.

Will devices go home over the summer months?
Yes, students will maintain possession of their laptops over the summer break in order to complete summer assignments.

What about Tech Support?
The school will provide tech support for students before and after school. Extra laptops will be available as loaners in the event of serious maintenance issues. All care, repairs, or upgrades for student machines will be provided by the school.

How will the MacBooks be backed up?
We recommend that students purchase an external hard drive to back up their laptop. However, this is not required. Students may save their work to Google Drive or iCloud, which will give them free back up of documents.

What happens to my laptop at the end of four years?
At the end of four years, all Seton programs will be deleted from your laptop and you will OWN YOUR PERSONAL LAPTOP!

What happens to my laptop if I transfer from Seton to another school before I graduate?
Students who transfer to another school will return their laptop to Seton or buy their laptop according to the remaining balance due.