1:1 Technology

The 1:1 Personal Technology Program (PTP) has been designed to prepare Elizabeth Seton High School students for college and the world beyond by fostering collaboration, expanding their scope of resources, and encouraging creativity. Our goal is to cultivate a well-rounded learning environment that will enable our students to function in the technology-driven world in which they live as responsible digital citizens.

While Seton currently has 1:1 technology available in all classrooms as needed, the class of 2019 was the first to have personal devices for their own dedicated use. For several years, Seton has been studying the integration of personal technology devices into the curriculum so that student learning is truly enhanced and enriched. A variety of software programs and educational applications have been adopted by the faculty for their value in effective communication, problem-solving, and student assessment.

The Technology Committee determined that notebooks offer more extensive capabilities for design applications, a full keyboard for writing papers, and multi-screen functions for research and classroom tasks. Placing fully-functional personal devices into the hands of our students will improve consistency between technology devices available at school and at home. Network infrastructure has been upgraded and Wi-Fi points were added in each classroom for maximum connectivity.

Each student will be assigned a MacBook Air that will come fully-loaded with all the applications and software she will need for her classes.

View the Acceptable Use Policy.

Device Specifications
• 1.4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
• Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
• Intel HD Graphics 5000
• 4GB memory
• 128GB PCIe-based flash storage
• 11” LED screen, resolution 1366 x 768 pixels

Program Categories:
Design and Function
Orientation & Training
Applications & Engagement
Technology Curriculum
Financial Commitment
Protection & Oversight
Ultimate Goals

Design and Function
MacBook Airs offer students the flexibility they need in a lightweight, convenient package.

  • Incredibly thin and light — under an inch and as little as 2.38 pounds.
  • Up to 9 hours of battery life enables students to power up for the whole day on a single charge.
  • Intel Core i5 processors offer advance performance for graphic-intensive tasks.
  • Ultra-fast Wi-Fi connection and extended range
  • Bluetooth-enabled technology for headphones and speakers
  • Full-size backlit keyboard
  • Instant start-up from class to class, even from standby
  • Back up to Google drive, iCloud, and flash drives

Orientation and Training
There will be an orientation during the summer for freshman and their parents to introduce students to the school’s technology policies. After this orientation, and upon signing the acceptable use policy, and paying the technology fee, students may pick up their devices and hard cases.

The administration of the school believes that the use of 1:1 personal devices must be accompanied by a solid educational foundation that promotes technological literacy. Thus, all freshman begin their course of study with a class entitled, 21st Century Technology, which is designed for students to meet the Maryland State Technology Literacy Standards. This is a project-based course directly related to the freshmen core curriculum that will develop students’ organization, research, and presentation skills. It will also cover digital citizenship, computer set-up, and the many exciting new school-specific programs, applications, and blogs they will be utilized by student.

Applications and Engagement
Seton operates on multiple platforms, and our students learn to work in a variety of environments. Our goal is to have the students use the classroom technology to produce and demonstrate their learning. Apple TVs and Chromecasts allow teachers to share student work with the entire class, and the SMART boards and projectors allow lessons to be interactive while encouraging movement in the classroom.

Seton technology includes:

  • 3 computer labs & Library tech resources
  • PC Laptops
  • Chromebooks
  • MacBook Air laptops
  • iPads
  • SMART boards and projectors
  • Apple TVs & Chromecasts

Google Applications
Seton uses Gmail for email interface and Google Applications including Google Classroom and Drive. In Google Classroom, teachers can post and grade assignments and have conversations with their students online. Google Drive allows students to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations that are saved and synced to their school Gmail account. All the data is cloud-based, and can be accessed from anywhere, and students can easily turn in work to the Google Classroom via Drive.

Technology Curriculum
Seton’s extensive technology curriculum allows students to learn skills on a variety of software and platforms. Our students learn how to use technology for a variety of purposes.

  • 21st Century Technology (Technology & literacy standards, Apple platform, cloud-based apps and storage [Google & Apple] office productivity [MS Office], Internet-based communication & presentation tools, responsibilities of digital citizenship.),
  • New Media Applications (Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere)
  • Web Design & Development (HTML coding, CSS)
  • Intro to Programming (Java, basic programming in Alice)
  • Communications (just as much an English elective as it is a Tech course - focuses on communicating effectively and professionally in the workplace - email etiquette, memo, letter and resume writing, presentations, etc.)
  • Financial Management (Excel/Google Spreadsheets: students learn how to wisely handle their finances - online banking, writing checks, completing W2 and tax forms, loans, credit, etc.)
  • Print Journalism (The Roadrunner magazine)
  • Broadcast Journalism (Roadrunner Report)

Another tool that teachers are using with students is Edublogs, blogging software. Blogging allows students to experience “connective writing”, a new genre of writing that encourages students to read carefully and critically, to write with clarity and cogency for a wide audience, and to connect their ideas to other online media. Students address digital citizenship. Teachers monitor the student blogs and teach them these skills in a safe, online environment. Many members of the staff also contribute to the public blogs.

Financial Commitment
All incoming students will be required to lease a MacBook Air laptop from Elizabeth Seton High School. This device will be configured with all of the software and electronic applications needed by the students. A mandatory orientation for parents and students will be held in the summer, after which students will receive their personal device. On this orientation day, families will pay their technology fee and students will receive their notebook and protective case.

The device remains the property of Elizabeth Seton High School until a student graduates, at which time the MacBook is hers to keep. Students will be required to obtain headphones or earbuds for individual use.

Protection & Oversight
The 1:1 environment is designed to offer many tools and advantages to our students, however, it also offers some level of risk in regard to protecting our students from inappropriate sites and dangerous viruses. Unsuitable content is controlled by content monitoring software. And each notebook will have anti-virus software installed. Faculty will also have remote desktop capabilities to monitor student activity.

Ultimate Goals
The ultimate goal of the Personal Technology Program is to provide our students with the tools and skills that they will need to operate a in technology-driven world. The PTP will give our teachers and students enhanced opportunities for research, collaboration and project creativity. It will also prepare and familiarize our students with the cloud applications that they will need to continue their education at the university level, where communications, assignments, and tests are performed electronically. It will also give students a solid technology foundation for business and career opportunities in the future.

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