About Us

President's Welcome


to Elizabeth Seton High School! I am pleased to proudly introduce you to Seton and to thank you for virtually visiting our school.
Excitement, energy, enthusiasm, and excellence abound at Seton in abundant ways! Why? Because Seton is an exclusively all-female school where the voice, the ideas and the talents of young women create a remarkable atmosphere of achievement and success.

Although Seton has long enjoyed an outstanding academic reputation, education at Seton is always advancing! A strong liberal arts program where women learn to be articulate in speech and in writing, and where they are equipped with the knowledge, the study skills, and the critical thinking needed for success in college is at the core of Seton’s academic rigor. However, Seton’s well-designed, innovative programs in career fields, offer students exposure and experience that goes well beyond the classroom and includes internships and professional mentoring relationships. Our alumnae often say, “I wish I were in high school again.” It is no doubt that amazing opportunities promote outstanding outcomes for women who are focused on their future.

Our 21st century challenges us to develop daring and dynamic leadership skills in our young women that will prepare them for college and for life. Women are rapidly dominating the workforce with their confidence and creativity. A single sex education where women consistently claim the victories, where women are the leaders, and where women earn the accolades instill in our students the desire to fulfill their dreams and hopes.

At Seton, our young women are also enriched by the bonds they form with one another and with our staff. Care, concern, respect, and reverence are easily apparent to all who enter Seton. And they are never forgotten by those who graduate from Seton! Our alumnae have long lasting friendships with their Seton sisters and their former teachers and advisors as together we nurture a community that is generous and genuine.

Our spirit of kindness and compassion permeate not only our life of service to one another, but also our service to God and to others for we believe that the surest way to show our love for God is to truly love all that God has created. In serving others, we experience God’s tremendous love for us, a love that will sustain us forever.

All that you will see and experience as you explore our website is known to us as the Light to Know and the Grace to Do. May you be enriched by these gifts and inspired by the impact they have on our Seton Family!

Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, D.C. '74