Seton Diamonds

The vision and objective of the Seton Diamonds Club is to empower young women by teaching them to recognize and embrace their inherent worth, divine gifts and unique beauty. Using the vehicle of fashion, topics such as body image, self-esteem, dressing appropriately and being financially savvy are explored. These topics are addressed during our weekly meetings. Members also engage in basic runway/model training in an effort to teach them to walk with confidence and poise, but also to prepare them for the annual fashion show.

While fashion/modeling is a big part of the club’s focus, not every girl has dreams of walking the runway. For those not interested in being on the Modeling Team, there are other opportunities for them to be involved. There is a Style Team, which focuses on what the models will look like, making decisions on wardrobe, hair, and makeup. There is also a Production Team that is responsible for all of the creative elements of the show (music, video, lighting, props, staging, set design) and actually executes the technical aspects of the production. Just last year, a Marketing Team and Fundraising Team were also instituted. These groups all work together to support the growth and mission of the club and to ensure the success of the fashion show.


The Seton Diamonds Club meets each Wednesday and Friday from 3-5pm in the Auditorium.

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