Inside Seton

We are Family

At Seton, we aren’t just students and faculty. We are a family and a community. More than friends, our students call each other “sisters” because of the unique, life-long bonds they forge here. We have a Big Sister/Little Sister program that helps our new students acclimate to their new surroundings and find their way. During Freshmen Orientation, Big Sisters run the activities, help with directions in the hallways, and are available to answer all kinds of questions – for students and parents!

When members of our family face challenges, we stand in support in any way we can. We understand that difficult home and family situations arise, academic needs can change, and personal struggles may call for some extra TLC. Whether it’s sympathy in times of grief, visits and meals in times of illness, or caring messages in times of trouble, the Seton family stands ready to respond. And it’s just as important that we are there to celebrate with you! We will have hugs when you succeed, when your college acceptances and scholarships come in, when you sign with a college team, when you win an award, when you ace that first choir or dance solo, and when you actually bring up your math grade!

Elizabeth Seton isn’t just a school. It’s a culture where young women grow to fulfill their dreams, reach their goals, and are empowered to lead, learn, and serve others.

Set on Spirit

There are many types of Spirit. “Seton Spirit” is our unique culture of character, friendship, and compassion. Seton students are responsible and sincere, and they respect themselves and others. Their confidence serves them well now, and will continue to support them throughout life, providing a future that is limitless.

School Spirit: At Seton, the spirit is everywhere, on and off the field. It’s a feeling in the hallways, classrooms, and cafeteria. It’s the sound of giggling, happy girls. It’s the sound of saws and robots in the engineering lab. It’s the sound of girls expressing themselves in another language. It’s the quiet of finding just the right answer in the library. It’s the explosion of cheers when our team makes a goal! Seton Roadrunners aren’t just our teams or our mascot – they are everyone.

Spirit of Character: Each student at Seton is held to our system of values, which includes Academic Excellence, Unity, Integrity, Respect, Creativity, and Service to Others. The Seton culture creates high academic and moral expectations. Students are expected to do their best work, act in an ethical manner, and channel their skills to serve others.

Spirit of Service: In the spirit of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Vincent de Paul, each student is required to complete service hours annually. During service activities, students are given the opportunity to help others in need. We believe this work helps to develop spiritual and personal growth by sharing what we have with others. They are ambassadors of Christ’s love to others as they immerse themselves in the community. Many opportunities exist through the school, or students may select charitable work based on their own interests. Seton serves at many organizations such as S.O.M.E., St. Ann’s Infant and Maternity Center, the Father McKenna Center, Shepherd’s Cove Shelter, Sacred Heart Nursing Home, Eco City Farms, and Special Olympics.

Set on Scholarship

Seton is leading the way in preparing young women to succeed in college, career, and life. Each student is able to participate in a variety of programs and activities that will empower her to explore, develop, and pursue her passions. Seton cultivates an environment where interacting with diverse people, ideas, and backgrounds will prepare graduates to develop successful personal and business relationships in the 21st century.

ESHS provides students with a solid academic foundation that is designed for college-bound students who are serious about academic success. In addition to a challenging core curriculum, Honors and AP classes are available, along with a Scholars program and National Honor Society.

Pre-Career Programs in Engineering & Design, Law, and Health Science/Pharmacy are offered to complement our rich liberal arts program.. The programs provide internships and mentorships that will enhance the student experience.

Set on Diversity

Walk through the halls at Seton, and you will see girls from many different cultures. At Seton, we believe this is an incredible opportunity to learn how to work with others and gain insights from diverse people, ideas, and backgrounds. As students venture beyond our doors and their school years, neighborhoods, and comfort zone, they will find a world full of diversity. Knowing how to listen to others, understand different points of view, and work with new ideas, are necessary skills for any walk of life.

Set on Sports

“The Seton Athletic Program is defined not only by wins and losses, but by how our student athletes fulfill the school's mission, build and display good character, and exemplify the school's core values,” says Athletic Director, Candace Cage ’81.

Athletics are a vital part of the Elizabeth Seton experience. Our athletic program fields 23 teams in 13 interscholastic sports and is open to all students. More than half of the students at Seton participate on one or more of the athletic teams or clubs. We have the only high school field hockey and crew teams in Prince George’s County. And our track team has achieved 10 consecutive WCAC Championship titles. Seton is a member of the Washington Catholic Athletic Conference (WCAC).

Seton attracts great coaches - and it shows with our team skills and progress and our student sportsmanship. We are blessed to have WCAC Coaches of the Year for Soccer and Softball, and an All American lacrosse coach from Syracuse University.

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